1. How long has ACP been in business?

ACP has been in business for 20 years.

2. Where is ACP located?

Scottsdale, Arizona.

3. What type of products does ACP produce?

Sales and Marketing materials of all types.

4. Who are ACP's typical clients?

Hotels, Resorts, Jewelers, Real Estate, Ad Agencies, other B2B type accounts.

5. Is ACP a 'green printer'?

Yes, ACP uses paper with the most recycling content. Also inks are all soy based. ACP is FSC Certified and has ambitious green and recycling initiatives.

6. Does ACP have Online ordering capability?

Yes, ACP is an expert in the creation, implementation, and managing of custom branded Online ordering sites.

7. What type of other services does ACP provide?

ACP provides direct mail services, inventory management, fulfillment, and professional Print Management and Consultative services.

8. How does ACP handle the service for California clients?

Extremely well. For example, once we receive artwork we deliver a full set of color proofs and blue line to the client the very next day. Many of the changes we are able to make here in our pre-press.

From a delivery standpoint, we have exceptionally fast turnaround times so that we are always competitive on delivery.

9. Are ACP's prices competitive?

Yes, our prices are very competitive and in many cases we are able to provides clients with meaningful savings especially on repetitive type of orders.